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DEC 1, 2019

Should You Celebrate Christmas?

Joe Barlow

Pastor Joe Barlow

Hey Friends,
Christmas is a great time to celebrate!

Nancy & I are the kind of couple that love to celebrate Christmas, give each other presents, have a Christmas tree, read the Christmas story, sing Christmas carols, the whole shot! We love it.

But some friends shared some things with us about how December 25th was a pagan holiday and the Christmas tree is from some other type of pagan ritual. That was kind of a bummer but, we didn't choose to be influenced by them for a few reasons:

When I'm celebrating Christmas, I'm celebrating Jesus. I'm celebrating with the angels in the heavenly choir, I'm celebrating with all my friends who love Jesus. I'm celebrating with the whole world as they acknowledge that there is no other savior but Jesus Christ.

If the world is going to throw a party for the birth of my Savior, I'm going to show up to the party!


I noticed that the family's who stopped celebrating Christmas were doing it out of fear both of God and of the Devil. The one's I saw do this seemed to lose their joy. Even their kids complained to me and said "Yeah, we lost all of the Christmas spirit!" They were quite sad when saying it. 

I don't think we gain any ground spiritually, socially or in our witness by not celebrating Christmas. I do think it can cause our kids to think that they are missing out on the party when the party was for their Savior in the first place.

So, if you were to come over to our house during this season, we will have a Christmas tree and the place will be decorated. We will have parties and they will be fun. We worship Jesus. We are not worshiping our Christmas tree. 

The birth of Jesus is worth a celebration!

For 4000 years in the Old Testament they waited and waited for the coming Messiah. Well, He did come! And I'm glad! So Glad!!!!

When I was a young boy, my father said to me "God loves parties." How my father knew this, I don't know. I guess from scripture. But I can tell you that this has proven to be true in our lives, over and over again. When we have a party God seems to always show up. He loves to dwell in the midst of His people. He loves a party.

So, let me encourage you: be thankful for Christmas. Be thankful for the world's slight acknowledgment that there is a God. Be thankful that God remembered us, fulfilled His promise and sent His Son!

I'm so thankful. 
I'm so thankful I think I'm going to have a party!
You should too!
Love ya
Pastor Joe

NOV 2, 2019

Are You Defeated By Your Own Thoughts?? 

Joe Barlow

Pastor Joe Barlow

Dear Friends,

the other day I was talking with my son 

about what he would really like to do.

What followed was quite an interesting conversation.


“I’d like to ______________ but I can’t because __________”
“I’d like to ______________ but I can’t because __________”
“I’d like to ______________ but I can’t because __________”

I said “Do you realize you’re not trying any of those things?
Not because someone else told you 'No' but because you did?"
I said,
“Don’t let your ‘No’ be no!”

It’d be like a boxer getting in the ring to fight his opponent

and before a single punch is thrown he just says,

‘I can’t’ and he quits and gets out of the ring.
I said, “The Devil loves that kind of opponent!”
Friends, way too many of us are defeating ourselves.
Even before the Devil throws a single punch we’re giving up.
We’re convincing ourselves that


We can’t

We won’t succeed

It’s not worth it

Why try?


But friends, scripture says,

Phil 4:13

Let’s stop saying no to things we really want to do.
Let’s stop talking ourselves out of things God is trying to get us to do.

Don’t let the enemy defeat you with negative thinking.
Start being a believer.
I believe in you. So does God.
You can do this, friend! Get back at it.

Your victory is waiting for you.

OCT 10, 2019

New Testimony

Joe Barlow

Pastor Joe Barlow

Hey Friends, 

A cool thing happened on our Thursday night online church service. This type of thing has been happening more and more. I'll let you read the text conversation I had the other night. It is amazing.

Hi Pastor Joe,
Thank you SO much for last week’s prophecy time!! Just wanted to say that it was SPOT ON!!!!!! Very heavy!
We are very appreciative and we see the Lord greatly at work.
Very heavy.
We are (an) American family that lives in Panama and have been here about 45 years...
You saw a snake in the spirit which was a spiritual assault and what I did not realize during prayer time is that earlier that morning, my husband had encountered a live not small poisonous snake on the perimeter of our house, exactly as you had described. It was both in the natural and spiritual... that word was CRITICAL to what was happening last week. So THANK YOU!!
My reply:
Wow! That is amazing. God is really good. He really loves you. I think if I remember correctly my encouragement to you was make sure you do the spiritual warfare binding and loosing and be confident that what you say is actually happening in the spirit. Starting tomorrow night for the month of October we are doing things a little differently we will still try to do some prayer and prophecy but mainly we will be teaching on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and helping people come into the Spirit filled life. There will be some prayer time at the end but this will be before a live audience and online
And yes, what you said was THE EXACT thing I had needed to hear because
I do this all the time but in the past 48 hours before you gave that word I seriously was struggling believing if it was even being effective or not.... so that exact sentence you said was the exact struggle I was having with the Lord even though I have been a warrior in the spirit for so many decades. It was so rough with things last week... that I was doubting the effectiveness of it and so what you said was like so RAZOR SHARP... I was just sitting in my living room in PANAMA bawling my eyes out next to our son who knew that you were speaking the word of the Lord so accurately! So I really wanted to give you the feedback on that so I’m so grateful that I was able to find your page.
Lord bless you SO very much!!!


    Pastor Joe Barlow 



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