The Book Introduction

Affecting change in our lives is so elusive; we grasp for it as for water with a bare hand or as for oil. Lasting change just slips away from us. Is there a key? Is there a way to accomplish lasting change in our lives? What’s revealed in this book is a topographical look at what you will have to deal with to affect change in yourself. As you take time with each statement on each page, our intention is that you will slow down for a time of reflection, even spending a few minutes on each page just to let the deeper truths of the statements sink in. Reading this book in this manner will be like having someone holding your hand through the deep processes of change. I believe change is possible and you believe change is necessary. Receive this book as a step toward that change you desire. Wishing you the bravery needed for effective change... Joseph Barlow

The Story

My time with the Lord in the morning is very important to me. Over a year ago, one morning, I was enjoying my time with Him and I began to write what I thought would be Tweets or maybe some modern day proverbs. The content of this book is what came out. As I began to read and meditate on it it began to dawn on me the power behind the words. I kept thinking it was for other people, but one day as I was reading it to my brother, I realized these words were for me, they were most needed in my life. Since then we've pursued publishing it and each time I read it to someone I get a response similar to, "Why did you write a book about me?"

So, I need to continue reading this book, but while I'm doing it I can share it with you. You can get it currently as an e-book on Amazon.com. Remember all the proceeds of the book go directly to Joseph Barlow Ministries so we can continue to do more and more of the things we're called to do.

Enjoy Change Is For The Brave